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A few words about the company

Welcome To Equinox Homes

Equinox Homes is a boutique home design and construction company based in Perth, Western Australia, whose home builders specialises in new homes, custom new homes, home addition, home extensions, home renovations and restoration services.

The areas of expertise of home builders in Perth

In addition to home building and construction services to customers in and Perth, our expert home builders also undertake single storey extensions or second storey additions to your home in Perth. Additionally, as part of a home renovation, if you want to go in for alfresco/ type of dining in your residence in Perth, then just let us know.

Not just this, if you want to build a new garage or carport, then speak to our expert garage builders /shed builders.

Professional and experienced home builders in Perth

Equinox Homes prides itself on being established custom home builders who deliver a service that encourages clients to be involved in all aspects of building, home design and construction to achieve quality, practical and functional designs.

Our knowledge, together with old-hand-experience, allows us to impart expert advice from the start of your project until its completion; all the while striving to maintain a friendly working relationship with our clients.

Home Restoration - A home restoration infuses new life into your old home. And trust Equinox Homes to carry out a home restoration that not just restores but gives it a new character.

Home Renovations - Irrespective of the age of your home, a home renovation gives it a fresh lease of life a new lifeline and your renovated home wears a new look.

Home Additions - Home additions are the best way to add new space to your home. You add another floor or storey and you get not just more space but new space too.

New Home Builds - A home is a dream for all. So, for any new home builds, always engage expert builders like Equinox Homes who are best-suited to give your dreams a concrete touch.

High-quality custom homes

If you are looking for the best custom home builders in and Perth, WA to help build custom homes that cater to your likes, specifications and requirements, then you can reach out to the Perth-based home builders, Equinox Homes.

Our areas of operations

Our work extends to Perth and the suburbs in the roundabouts like Fremantle, Kensigton and other nearby suburbs.

To know more or to connect with the best home builders in Perth, write to Equinox Homes at or call us on 0418 515 636..

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Historical Architectural

Our Services

Equinox Homes is well-versed when it comes to breathing life into old character buildings. Paying particular attention to historical architectural elements that make a building unique and carefully combining them with all the modern conveniences, allows you to lead the lifestyle you have always sought – and preserve priceless and irreplaceable history.

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  • Renovation
  • Additions
  • New Builds

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Equinox Homes is a boutique Building and Construction company based in Western Australia