Kitchen Renovations Perth

Custom Kitchens Perth
Custom Kitchens Perth
Custom Kitchens Perth
Custom Kitchens Perth
Custom Kitchens Perth

Functional kitchen design for the planned kitchen renovations for your home in Perth!

At Equinox Homes, the developers and renovators come with a vast experience in offering a range of renovation services including kitchen renovations in Perth. So, whatever it is you are looking for a custom kitchen design, a new benchtop kitchen, luxury kitchen or kitchen resurfacing, rely on us for any type of renovation ideas and more.

Custom Kitchens Perth

Practical, functional custom kitchen design just for you!

If you want a thorough kitchen makeover for your Perth home and want it to be as bespoke as possible, then connect with Equinox Homes for custom kitchen design that are not just unique but practical and functional too. You can bounce off the renovation ideas with our expert renovators and a designer team and you can arrive at a kitchen design that not just works well for you but is personalized to suit your dreams.

Focused approaches to the ultimate kitchen makeovers in your Perth home!

As part of the kitchen renovations service for your home in Perth, our renovators believe in high-quality service solutions and a focused approach taking care of every detail.

Inimitable Benchtop kitchen Renovations Ideas !!

This includes the colour schemes, the types of cabinet making, the materials, the fixtures, the flooring all of this is taken care of by our renovators. Whatever works best, and based on the type of kitchen design, as in luxury kitchen design or contemporary, we know what will suit in each scenario.

Full use of the available space in your Perth home!

If you have engaged Equinox Homes for kitchen renovations or kitchen resurfacing in your Perth residence, in the course of cabinet making, planning and designing the space, we always aim to make maximum use of the available space. The type of kitchen design and what the cabinet making should be, how best to give good storage and make it as functional as possible, effectively utilizing space is always our endeavour.

Make the most of your kitchen renovation with Stylish Design!!

Now that you have finalized the kitchen design for the kitchen renovations that you have planned for your home in Perth, and you have decided that Equinox Homes will take care of the kitchen makeover because it is not just the design but you have a good idea about the average kitchen renovation cost too. For anything else, you may call us on 0418 515 636 or email us at .We also provide kitchen renovations service in Beaconsfield, Hilton, O'Connor, Samson, South Fremantle, White Gum Valley & North Fremantle Suburbs.

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