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Home renovations and more in Hilton, courtesy, Equinox Homes!

You can count on the home builders from Equinox Homes for any new homes construction, home renovations, home extensions, home addition and more in the roundabouts of Hilton.

Home Addition Hilton

What does a typical home addition entail?

For your Hilton home if you are planning on home renovations, adding second storey additions, or any home addition with the single aim of adding new space, then that is the very essence of home addition building too. Due to many reasons, you are looking to add space or to accommodate some new changes in your life, you think home additions for your Hilton home is the best move. You are right. It is a lot cheaper to go in for home addition than selling your home and moving into new homes.

We are Hilton renovation and extension specialist!!

What does home extensions really comprise of?

If you are contemplating home extensions for your Hilton house. It could just about be anything. An alfresco dining area. Or an alfresco extension in your backyard. You could be considering single storey extensions in your Hilton house. Or it could be building garages, sheds or carports. And for this you will need to connect with expert garage builders/ shed builders. For all this and more, the home builders and expert renovators from Equinox Homes can be reached out to.

Hilton's most experienced Building Renovations company!!

Why custom new homes?

Many people like the idea of custom new homes. That is why they want to connect with custom home builders to understand the custom home design and construction better. And the custom home builders from Equinox Homes, engage in custom home design and construction services. If you are looking for a custom home design in Hilton, you know who to speak to.

All of this and more, can be undertaken by Equinox Homes.

Now, that you have gotten a fair idea and understood that Equinox Homes takes on not just building and construction services for homes in and around Hilton, but will also handle home renovations, extensions, custom home building and more, you can go ahead and reach us on our number- 0418 515 636. or email us at equinoxhomes@bigpond.com.

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